complex decisions

Today’s business operations are complex. This applies not only to commercial companies, but equally to governments and other non-profit organizations.

de kwantitatieve dienst helps you to analyze and resolve bottlenecks in your business operations.
Think of:

  • planning of staff deployment (work schedules)
  • segmentation of customer base for marketing purposes
  • optimal maintenance schedule of equipment
  • the right balance between risk and return
  • trade-off between logistics costs and service level
  • detecting or preventing fraud or other irregularities

This list is just a selection of the multitude of complex decision problems that your organization may encounter. In general, it is about the optimal trade-off between costs and benefits of different alternative decisions. These can be one-off decisions, for example strategic investments, but also frequently recurring operational decisions, such as a daily order of materials.
80-20 rule: keep it simple
Standard techniques now exist for solving many complex, quantitative decision-making problems. Usually a practical problem has to be simplified somewhat in order to be able to apply such a standard technique. However, in the experience of de kwantitatieve dienst, you can achieve 80% of the result with 20% of the effort.