de kwantitatieve dienst

Literally, de kwantitatieve dienst = the quantitative service

By using quantitative techniques and models from applied mathematics, statistics and econometrics large financial gains can be achieved in companies and other organisations (governments, non-profit). In a large organisation this can easily amount to millions of euros per year.

But quantitative methods are surrounded by an aura of ‘magic’ and have a ‘black box’ image. de kwantitatieve dienst wants to change this perception: no complicated stories or unnecessary jargon, but clear communication about solving your businsess problem.

de kwantitatieve dienst also enables smaller organisations – that may hesitate to use the services of an impressive consultancy firm – to reap the benefits deploying quantitative models. In particular, we like to work for responsible, sustainable companies and non-profit organisations, for which we reserve special rates.

Quantitative techniques are often used when complex problems must be solved. Or when lots of data has been collected and you want to gain more insight from it. Following the above links will show you how de kwantitatieve dienst can help you tackle these challenges.

Our way of working and types of services, including examples of realised assignments, can be found under services in the menu.