Next to offering transparent services de kwantitatieve dienst also strives to operate in the most responsible way. We value Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the broadest sense, including environmental and governance aspects.

We minimise the amount of energy we use. Our reports are concise and preferably in electronic form. The electricity we use is green, the paper recycled or FSC-certified.
For the sometimes inevitable transportation our first choice is bike or public transport. Only if this is very impracticaI we use our hybrid Toyota Prius.

We have stimulated Dutch sustainable entrepreneurship in the telecom area by using the most sustainable mobile phone on the market, the FairPhone.

Also in the areas of webhosting, printing services, financial and insurance advice de kwantitatieve dienst selected partners with a high CSR profile. See our link page for details.

Understandably, we like to work for clients that value Corporate Social Reponsibility as much as we do and we express this by charging lower rates for these clients. For very sustainable and/or socially responsible organisations the discount may be as high as 25%.

That we should take care of our earth much better than we currently do, was emphasized in the television series about the ‘Beagle‘ by Dutch broadcasting company VPRO, especially in the last concluding episode.