do more with your data!

The possibilities of information technology have made that many companies and other organisations today store enormous amounts of data about their customers, products, transactions and internal processes: Big Data is the popular term for this. Data warehouses are popping up like mushrooms and there is more reporting being done than ever before. However, it often remains difficult to optimally control business processes from this wealth of data. de kwantitatieve dienst can help you to get more out of your data.
Depending on the situation, the emphasis is on:

  • Analysing data from the past: by understanding how processes have evolved in the past, conclusions can be drawn for an improved design.
  • Optimal control of the daily processes: the analysis of the data shows which factors influence the functioning of the process. The process can be optimised by making the right choices for these factors. Sometimes this requires additional research in the form of experiments – real or simulated.
  • Predicting future developments: the more accurately you can predict the future, the better you can fit the business processes to it.

These analytical activities are most profitable if they are carried out in close collaboration with experts from your organisation.

Two examples to illustrate: